A small question about BIM (ххD)

What do you think about adding to the physical and geometric parameters of the element the types and amounts of work, the resources and the costs of their production / installation in terms of the required amount of work in the description of each element of the 3D model at the design stage in the BIM environment? And that the Designer / Constructor at the design stage determines the order of work on the manufacture, installation of each element, unit, system (Civil / MEP)?

Now 4D is a little interest to the builder (the manufacturer of the works), it's more look like a TOY for top management. For engineers in the construction site, the completeness of the information is more important. Now this information is taken from 2D, explanatory note, specifications and other sources. BIM allows you to bind all the information to 1 element of the model. And the presence in the element of all characteristics (physical, geometric, spatial and temporal parameters, types and volumes of work, cost of constituent materials and work) would give a tangible impetus to its use by the contractor and directly on the construction site.

But at the same time, when designing BIM, the emphasis is again on materials and equipment and the search for coloses, the work and processes remain on the sidelines. I understand that not all designers have sufficient knowledge for such work (one to draw a case, another to describe how to implement it), but even this is more the process of creating and maintaining a database, a database of BIM models, in an up-to-date state.

I think that EPC contracts should promote this process. When design and construction are financed from one purse, they can not be separated. Saving on the face, and money doing their thing.

It's not a secret that design ends when the project is completed. But I can say more, it should be so. It is a huge mistake to regard it as a separate and independent stage in the life cycle of a project. Here the question is the speed of reaction of the participants in the process to changes.

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PS: If there is a desire to organize this process, I am ready to do this.